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Green Air Switch
The Green Air Switch was in development for the past five years to address a number of air conditioning and energy-related issues, namely:

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Free-Cooling System
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Effective and Simple Control of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Systems
  • Automated and Wireless Remote Control of all System Functions
  • Reduced Maintenance and Repair of the Air Conditioning Outdoor Unit
What can the Green Air Switch™ do for you?

  1. Reduce energy consumption for air conditioning by as much as 40-50%;
  2. Provide Instant-On Demand IAQ whole building air purge IAQ by exhausting stale, contaminated air and supplying filtered, fresh, outside air anytime, anywhere through wireless remote control, thus placing your building in compliance with both federally and state-mandated indoor air quality standards, including (i) Title 24, Part 6, Section 121(c)(4), of the California Code of Regulations:  “California's Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings” (applicable for our customers operating in California, although our non-California based customers will also be in compliance with their own states’ indoor air quality regulations, since California has some of the strictest, if not the strictest, environmental laws and regulations in the nation) and (ii) Title V of the federal Clean Air Act in compliance with the requirements included in the Code of Federal Regulations 40, part 70 (for our customers operating in the other 49 states);
  3. Automatic free-cooling when the outside air is adequate to take the place of mechanical cooling (high-energy usage) in a conventional system;
  4. Compressor energy-mizer optimizes efficiency, capacity and maintenance through reduced run times and lower operational temperatures, also known as sub-cooling;
  5. Wireless remote control for system occupancy switch, free-cooling switch and Instant-On Demand IAQ switch;
  6. No more having to set your thermostat temperatures for morning, day, evening and night heating and cooling. True “set-it and forget-it” smart device; and
  7. No more having to change the thermostat time for daylight savings.

Office buildings, and other commercial, industrial and residential building environments may be influenced adversely by deficiencies in ventilation, which may be due to improper operation of HVAC systems, attempts at energy efficiency that limit the supply of outdoor air, or remodeling of building components.  The Green Air Switch fixes those problems!

It is well documented that people become sick when they remain in buildings with insufficient fresh air.  This condition is referred to as sick building syndrome (SBS).  Scientific and clinical studies have shown that decreases in the fresh, outside air coming into office buildings (inadequate fresh air) causes SBS, decreases work performance, increases the number of sick days, and causes respiratory symptoms and illnesses.  Increased fresh air (outdoor air) prevents infection and respiratory illnesses.  These adverse effects occur even when the outdoor air entering the buildings remain at current, insufficient levels, which the Green Air Switch would remedy by significantly increasing “free-cooling” by optimizing the supply of cool, “free” ambient air, and placing your building in compliance with federal and state law.

The Green Air Switch is being certified as a “GREEN” solution with several nationally recognized Green certification programs, including, “Energy Star” and “Green Seal”, and will allow AGS’s customers to qualify for LEED certification, and will eventually qualify for rebates and incentives in the near future.

The Green Air Switch™ (“G.A.S.”) is unlike any ordinary “green” or “green-tech” product.  It is truly a revolutionary product in that nearly every residential, commercial and industrial building in the country (excepting certain regions of the country, e.g., the Bay Area, where Mediterranean-like climates prevail, and high humidity regions), has an AC and HVAC system.  The G.A.S. reduces the carbon footprint of such buildings that have HVAC systems, on average by 50%, thereby dramatically reducing HVAC energy usage by 50% in potentially every structure that has a HVAC system, which truly will have an immediate and positive impact upon the environment, as well as the bottom lines and pocketbooks of our clients.